Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of filter should I use?

Use the least (and cheapest) air restrictive filter as possible. I have always been told that a filter is designed to protect the unit. What this means is that the system in our home has to move airflow while keeping the indoor portion of our unit as clean as debris free as possible. Putting in “Allergy Filters” in our system can restrict the amount of air flow through our unit causing conditions that create inefficiency, damage, and discomfort to our systems and home. Specially designed Indoor Air Quality or IAQ products solve these dust and allergy issues.

What type of system do I have?

There are generally 2 types of systems in a home. Heat pumps, which operate the condenser in in both cooling and heating seasons, and AC Gas splits which uses a gas operated furnace to heat the home while using a AC refrigerant system to cool the home. Though there are even more versions for cooling and heating a space, these are the most common.

Where is my air conditioning unit?

There are many locations to install a HVAC System. Package units are most commonly installed on the roof .Package units are “unitary” meaning all in one. Split systems are designed in multiple pieces consisting of or an air handler, Furnace, Coil and condenser. Though there are many versions of this configuration this is the basic description of a split system.

How often should I maintain my system?

Annual at at minimum
Maintenance should include clearing of the condensate line, Replacement of filter if not done recently, inspection of all electrical components, refrigerant levels and performance, furnace operation a gas pressure, and condensor and evap coil evaluation and possible cleaning.

How often should I change my filter?

I’m often asked this question and as a rule of thumb I say monthly. The air filter is the most important maintenance procedure as a homeowner. A clean versus dirty filter affects the efficiency, comfort, performance and life of the unit.

Where is my filter located?

Filters are located either in the unit itself, a return air grille or possibly in a filter box attached some where in the return side of the HVAC system.